New Joey doesn't sort by season

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New Joey doesn't sort by season


Sorry to bug.  I am sure this is just a setting, but Support blew me off and after taking 30 minutes to check my software versions wanted to just open a issue with engineering.  I am hoping someone here can help. I have my DVR recordings filtered by title.  This has always made it so that the titles show with a small number in the corner stating how many episodes there are.  If I click the icon it list out the difference seasons if the episodes are from more than one.  I select a season and it lists all the episodes recorded from that season.  A couple weeks ago I received an upgraded Joey.  It came sorting by date.  I switched it to sorting by season and that worked however now when I select the icon it lists all of the episodes as one big list.  No separation by season.  It still works the way it always has when I view it from the hopper.  Just the joey view is wrong.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: New Joey doesn't sort by season

DISH Employee

Kdinkel, if there are numerous seasons for a show that you have DVR recordings for and if it is sorted by season, episode, it should display by season, then list the episodes for that season. Have you noticed this happening for all of your show DVR recordings or just one specific show? Is there more than one season for the shows that are DVR?