Netflix on Hopper 3 still broke

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Netflix on Hopper 3 still broke

Visual Engineer

Two weeks ago after a dozen or so PMs with ReyU from Dish, he suggested doing a partial Hopper 3 reset to resolve the Netflix issue that has been broken for over 9 months. It was a pain because a lot of settings were lost in the process but it seemed to have resolved the problem. I had been watching Netflix every day with no problems.


But now I know the Netflix app is NOT FIXED. Same old problem occurred last night... stuck on splash screen with previous channel audio. Had to unplug and wait for reboot which also disrupts current recordings.


And now there is a new twist. After I exited Netflix, all I got was a black screen. DVR button worked but any recording I selected gave me a black screen. I couldn't even view a live broadcast. Had to reboot again...

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Re: Netflix on Hopper 3 still broke

Costume Designer

Don't get your hopes up. I've been complaining about the issue for nearly 2 years. Nothing. No fix, no real updates. Just canned scripted BS responses that they're "working on it"

Re: Netflix on Hopper 3 still broke

Character Actor



Everytime I use the Voice Activation on the remote for Netflix, it works!


I wonder if everyone/anyone can validate they are experiencing the same.  Netflix comes up evertime using the voice activated remote even though I can't press a button on the remote (or cursor) over and Netflix; never works.


Like I said...Interesting

Re: Netflix on Hopper 3 still broke


Yep, My Netflix also has the black screen as soon as I push play. The audio is there but no picture. I just recently upgraded to the newest Hopper of course there was a cost. Thank goodness I have Netflix on my Smart Tv as well.