Netflix not working on Hopper

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Netflix not working on Hopper


For 3 weeks now, Netflix is "not available" on the Hopper.  Constant restarts and resets do not work, neither does chatting online with a rep or on the phone.  They say it is a software problem, and that they're working on it.

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Re: Netflix not working on Hopper

Production Manager
It’s a software problem that is being worked on, from the original source... Netflix.

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper

I can’t launch the Netflix app. Says not available. I’ve talked to tech support downloaded software started and restarted. Your techs say engineers working on it. What’s up

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper

DISH Employee

This is a known issue that our Engineers are investigating to find a permanent resolution. Our Engineer Team has provided a workaround that has been successful in fixing this error on most Hopper receivers. We would want to do a Partial Reset on your Hopper receiver. A Partial Reset resets everything but DVR recordings and timers to factory defaults.


You will want to do this when you have no timers or recordings scheduled for the next 3 hours. Also, if you have more than one receiver, they would all need to be in Standby, except the Hopper. Here are the steps to do the Partial Reset, which need to be completed at the Hopper:


1.) Press the Home button on the Hopper remote 3 times (if you have a Menu button instead of Home, press it 2 times)

2.) Select Tools



5.) Select Reset on the Reset Warning pop-up


Please make sure the Joey's remain in Standby for 1 hour for the reset.

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper

Didn’t work