Netflix not working on Hopper 3

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Re: Netflix not working on Hopper 3

This issue has long since passed the level of acceptable decency. I have followed threads going back more than a year with various statements of imminent resolution dates, only to find yet another date push-back! It seems the Dish software team has absolutely no clue as to what is causing this Netflix freeze even if previous versions of the Hopper 3 software apparently did not have this issue. To ask contributors to provide identifying information in some elaborate attempt to track possible user issues is folly. This issue is applicable to ALL Hopper 3 users, regardless of whether or not the user subscribed to Netflix or not!

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper 3

Character Actor

Yeah, I have also encountered the rather high levels of frustration with what has clearly been an ongoing issue now for at least 3 calendar quarters.  I do see multiple Dish support staff attempting to respond to the threads, which is admirably brave of them, but I think we could certainly stand to see more details on the root cause of this issue and how critical the mitigation of it is seen by Dish engineering (it makes me wonder if this software even something Dish is developing in-house, or have they outsourced the whole problem to an offshore development group that is adding long communications and resolution latency, but that is neither here nor there since I would not expect Dish to comment on such a thing).


In short, let us summarize the issue:


1. It has been going on for at least 3-4 calendar quarters.

2. It is NOT mitigated by anything other than resetting the Hopper, often multiple times, implying some sort of race condition relating to how the software stack comes up (otherwise, a single reboot would *always* mitigate).

3. Dish staff should stop suggesting that customers reset their Netflix configuration or provide their personal account information as this is NOT pertinent to the problem, even though it might have been pertinent at some time in the distant past.

4. It would be nice if someone a little higher up the food chain could now make a statement acknowledging this issue, the degree of seriousness with which Dish engineering takes it, and at least some indication that future software updates are *specifically* targetting this problem.  As sincere as the various front-line employees in the Forums may be, this has now escalated past the level where they can be effective and only puts them and the customers in an awkward position.


Re: Netflix not working on Hopper 3

DISH Employee

Hi Romson! Our Technical Operations team is already aware of the issue and is currently working on a resolution. In order to ensure that the problem is corrected as quickly as possible, These issues often require multiple account examples to isolate the problem, so your report will help. I have submitted feedback to let our Technical Operations team know that you are experiencing this issue. 


The timeliness of resolution depends on what the issue is and the resolution needed. We cannot guarantee a time by which this issue will be resolved.

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper 3

Camera Crew

I am also having this issue.  it happened once a few months ago, on my Hopper 3. But i was able to use the Netflix app through my Hopper 3 after that. However, over the last 2 weeks it has consistently been a problem.  Basically, I am able to open Netflix and select a video to watch. I then get the progress spinner indicating the percentage loade. But it hangs. At that point the audio starts but there's never any video.


Netflix is working fine on both the 4K Joey and the regular Joey. 


My software version data:


Software Version: U535 4/24/2019, 11:53 AM, Boot Strap Version: 1012, Application Software: AN364

Netflix ESN: DISECO1018-0021-E2C37BC1A5EF3328

Re: Netflix not working on Hopper 3

DISH Employee

Thank you for that information! We can certainly get this information compiled and sent up. We appreciate you reaching out and letting us know about this. I'll have this forwarded to our Tech Ops team.