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Re: Netflix no video

DISH Employee

Hi HillmanCA. Are you seeing this Netflix problem in all the rooms in your home?

Re: Netflix no video

Character Actor

I'm  SO F'n  Pissed...  SO SO  F'n Pissed.. ARGGG

Right now January 7th 2018  8:30pm'sh I have 2 Primetime shows recording that i did not want to watch until I could skip commercials.

SO.. I had 1 epsode left on a Netflix series I figured I'd watch.

I opened it TWO TIMES in my living room and it Froze up as it normally does with the "NETFLIX" logo in the middle of the TV acting like it's starting up, but it's actually frozen ... During my Primetime Shows I'm wanting to watch!! !! !!

---- Normally after I RESET it with the red button.. Netflix normally will play fine.

HOWEVER,  my 2nd attempt...  it Freezes AGAIN..  2 times.. my 2  Primetime shows is inturpeted for a REBOOT.

...  So, I recall this email you guys asking does this happen in my OTHER  Joey Rooms..

I went to my bedroom, selected netflix app.. and it Freezes.


So, I need to bring your attention to something.

NORMALLY.. for several years.. if Netflix freezes.. and I RESET the system, 99.9% of the time..

it will Play Perfectly after reboot... But not this time

Actually.. it froze up TWICE in my Living room, after Reboot, then I went to my bedroom and it Freezes up.


Another note..  YESTERDAY.. I opened Netflix after 3 or 4 days and it played FINE.. PERFECTLY without Reboot.


I don't know what to take away from this, OTHER THAN, Yesterday I initiated netflix Mid-Evening, Not in Primetime.

could it be congested?  Why would not not play after 2 reboots?


Yesterday it played after several days of no use.

However, Normally if it freezes up, it plays fine after reboot.. but not tonight after several reboots.


I was gonna suggest offering an option to Auto-Reboot at a certain time, UNLESS a program is recording, otherwise reboot Before or After, depending on recording(s).

example.. i get home from work around 4:30pm.  Let me select a 2pm reboot and if something is recording let it reboot after recording is complete, hopefully after a 2 hour moving completes.   All in hopes if I decide to watch Netflix that night in a situation where a reboot clears up some issues with Netflix opening.



Re: Netflix no video


CalebS claims "Our Engineering team is working around the clock to get this resolved. As of right now, we do not have a timeline when this issue will be resolved as of yet.". I call BS on this. I reported this problem at least 2 years ago. I've reported it several times and always get the same response. There's NO WAY they are working around the clock to resolve this issue. If there's one thing that really ticks me off, it's when a company puts out a blatant LIE like this. Just admit that your techies are incompetent.

Re: Netflix no video


Same issue...resetting, unplugging, logging in and out, no luck. Even called netflix to let them know about issue. They worked with me for 30 minutes and even had an engineer call me back. No luck, Netflix's thinks is a Dish issue since the joey's work and get all there info from the hopper...