Netflix error 1287

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Netflix error 1287

I have been unable to access Netflix through dish for months. I’ve tried unplugging both my hopper and joey and reset Netflix to factory settings. This did not work still getting the error message. Are there any updates on this issue
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Re: Netflix error 1287

DISH Employee

I am sorry to hear you are having issues with viewing Netflix on your devices. Currently our engineering department is aware of this issue, and working on getting it resolved. As of today, we do not have a fix for this issue. 


I can try what is called a partial rest to the device. Doing the partial reset will not remove any of the recordings you have saved. What is does is remove old files and replaces them with new ones. With this partial reset, if you have Prime Time Anytime enabled, you would need to re-enable this feature once the rest is complete. 


In order to perform the reset, I am going to need to access your device. Do do so, I will need to gather some account information from you. Can you send me a private message with the phone number and 4 digit security code associated with the account?