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MyDISH store not available


Help me order a new remote, ours is broken, I waited 20 minutes on the phone, tagged with an agent who said store, which I see a cart but no way to order remote.. not fun when you can't watch tv

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Re: MyDISH store not available

Audio Engineer

It looks like the Dish online store website is not working correctly at the moment.  I ordered a spare remote from the online Dish store about 3 weeks ago and received it in 4-5 days and everything worked perfectly at that time.


Now when I try to access the online Dish store it displays a blank page.  It does the same thing for order history which used to work as well.  It would appear that Dish may have 'Upgraded' their website and neglected to fully test their 'Upgrade' as it appears that some functionality which previously worked fine no longer works.


I tried to access the online store using Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge and all browsers had the same issue.

Re: MyDISH store not available

Major Havoc

If it stays down, there are hundreds of companies that sell new and used remotes on eBay. I have bought several of them there. For example:


By the way, if you like the older remotes better than the newer one, the new Hopper (any I suspect other receivers as well, but ask Dish) can use the older remotes. I happen to like the remote with the four color button along the middle, so I bought one of those and use it all the time.