My recordings dissappear

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My recordings dissappear

Character Actor

I read the discussion thread and the recordings I cannot find where from the Hallmark channel. I have four programs that were recorded that dissappeared this week.  


I also happens with my recordings from MASH on WGN, one day I have 10 and another day I have 20.


I have a Hopper (don't know the number) and a Joey. 



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Re: My recordings dissappear


We are having the same problem with our DVR.  Any show with a number of episodes recorded, will only display the last 5 or 6 shows.

This just started to happen yesterday 8/10/18.  The show do appear in the DISH anywhere app.

Re: My recordings dissappear

DISH Employee

Hello, Julia. We definitely understand your concern for your recordings. We are aware that some of our members are experience missing recordings, and our Engineering team is already working on a fix. It does seem that recordings are still on your DVR, they are just inaccessible at the moment. You can still access them through the DISH Anywhere app, as joevan has suggested,, or if you do have an External Hard Drive, you can move them to it and access them there. I am showing that it should be resolved very soon!