My dish remote will not interact with my device(s)

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My dish remote will not interact with my device(s)

As the title states, my remote, ver. 40.0, will not interact with my devices, specifically my Hopper, at all, no matter how many times i reset it or replace the batteries in the remote.

If this is the problem u are having, you need to reset the remote. Now DISH's troubleshooting steps don't explain this process, besides taking out the batteries. You can only learn this through calling customer service. But I called them, and for everyone's convenience, I will list these steps below. :mrgreen:

Steps from your Hopper (Part I):
1. Turn on your TV and set the source/input to your Hopper.
2. On your Hopper should be a little panel on the left side, open it up.
3. In that area, find a button labeled as, 'SYS INFO', press it.
4. Your TV should show a menu screen labeled as 'Diagnostics', and on the right side, you should see that a remote is paired to your Hopper.
5. Using the arrow keys on the Hopper panel, select 'Unpair' and press 'OK/Select'.
6. Now you will work from your remote.

Steps from your Remote:
1. Hold the 'SAT' button until all the device buttons light up. Then release the 'SAT' button.
2. Press and release the 'Recall' and '0' buttons at the same time.
3. Press 'Search'.
4. Press 'Volume +'
5. Finally, press the 'Stop' button, which is labeled as a solid square shape to the bottom-left of the 'Pause' button.
6. A bunch of cool beeping sounds will follow.

Steps from your Hopper (Part II):
1. Open up that panel I told you to earlier, and press 'SYS INFO' if the 'Diagnostics' menu closed itself on your TV.
2. On the right side, if a remote is somehow paired, despite the steps you did in Part I, use the arrow keys on the Hopper to 'Unpair' any remotes.
4. a. From your Remote, press 'SAT' and some more cool beeping noises should go off, and your TV should show that a remote is paired. If the beeps happen, but the remote still isn't connected, then press 'SAT' again (I had to do that. :roll: )
4. b. IF for some reason the beeps didn't happen when you pressed 'SAT', then there is a possibility that the antenna on the back of the Hopper for the Remote is either damaged or loose, try taking it off and putting it back on. Then I guess reset the Hopper again, and THEN try and press the 'SAT' button when you open 'SYS INFO' again. If it still wont work, call DISH and see if they can replace something. idk, I haven't had that issue before. Anyway, continue to step 5. if all those steps worked.
5. You're done!

I hope you found this guide somewhat helpful and I wish you all the best!

P.S. If there is not panel on your Hopper, then you have a different model then the one described here, and the most I can say is, good luck with that. I'm out!
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Re: My dish remote will not interact with my device(s)

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You can get those steps from the pairing/unpairing page on