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Missing Local Channels


I have 250 channel pack, and all of a sudden last week, i'm now missing my local channels. No billing or package changes. It was literally over night. I reset the receiver and nothing helped. 

What do i do?

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Re: Missing Local Channels

Screen Writer
I would check a couple things.

1) Go to mydish and check that the locals are still selected.

2) Whivj receiver do you have
2b) if your locals are on Eastern arc, which antenna do you have

3) Any other channels missing?
3b) can you go to the channel number, or are they just not there at all? Can you type the channel number in.

Re: Missing Local Channels

DISH Employee

RachelB3, those are great suggestions to check. You should definitely have your stations if no changes were made. Are you only missing it from the guide, or if you enter the channel number on your remote, does it take you to the local channel?