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MSNBC Shows not Recording

Several of the shows on MSNBC we record M-F have not been recording automatically for the past couple of months. Shows from other channels do not have this problem.
When I check a record timer schedule having this problem, a set time in the future to record is grayed out with a line through it, The message explaining why it is not set to record is that the show is already set to record, even though the date is in the future and it is not a repeat. After several days the same show is set to record, and there is no message. The only way to set the “missing� shows to record is to change them manually.
I have called tech support and rebooted the system, and they have checked out my Hopper and all seems to be functioning as expected, yet they cannot explain or fix the problem. They told me they would submit a trouble ticket but could not tell me when it would be fixed.
I am ready to switch to another provider if we do not get a solution to this problem soon, and would appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: MSNBC Shows not Recording

This is a known issue and is being investigated further. You can create record once timers that should work.

certain shows are not showing as "new" in the epg this will affect recordings and timers
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator