Local HD Channels stopped working

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Local HD Channels stopped working


A couple of days ago our local HD channels stopped coming in, we see a blue screen about signal loss flash quickly and then it fails over to the SD version.  This is *only* the local channels, "cable" channels all work perfectly fine.  I see a lot of posts about this but no real definitive answer, does one exist?


Since people always seem to ask this, my zip is 43016, I'm on a Hopper w/ Sling, and it says I'm using satelites 119, 110, and 129.  I don't know how to get signal strength...when I try to run the "Installation Test" it just hangs and never returns.  Same with the general diagnostic test, the hard drive, internet, etc. all return fine but the satellite check just spins and spins.

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Re: Local HD Channels stopped working

Visual Engineer

With most remotes to get signal strength, tune to a 'local' station', press menu, press 6 system set up, press 1 installation, press 1 point dish.  Signal strength will be displayed for the local stations.

On signal strength page, move to 'check switch', press. You should have 3 green 'ok' boxes.