Known or unknown errors with Hopper 2 and other issues

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Known or unknown errors with Hopper 2 and other issues


1) Wireless Joey Range is only about 20ft. How are you suppose to have a TV in another room further away from the main reciever?

2) The CW channel has been removed from our locals for months now. The has been no cost compensation for what we signed up for.

3) Some English channel guides, more and more, are showing up in another langauge (Spanish?)

4) HD channels are lost more frequently than when we had a a model 722.

5) When HD channels are lost the reciever switches to SD. If the SD channel is blocked, so the channel guide isn't clodded up, you have to enter the parental code. Then when the HD channel recovers the reciever switches back. This can go on forever during a storm and gets annoying. Plus recordings are made on blocked SD channels when HD is lost and the reciever is off.

6) Autotuning keeps tuning to the same program, at later times, even after the first airing and even when the reciever is off.

7) Programming updates clear any previously later select recording times and resets the counter to the first airing. This leads to missed recordings of wanted programs.

8) When both the primary user, the remote set to the reciever, and the secondary user, the remote set to the wireles joey, are watching the same program the primary user might take over complete control of both the reciever and joey.

9) Sometimes the primary or secondary user are switched to the Prime time recording when Prime time starts, even though the other 2 recievers are open and not doing anything.

10) Other times the one user is switched to the prime time on going recording and the other user is switched to an on going recording. When this happens neither one can switch back or leave the on going recording unless they go to the DVR recording area and select something else.

11) With complaints 8 through 10 it seems that the the Hopper 2 doesn't really have 3 recievers and Prime time recording, is always done by reciever 3, which doesn't really work unless connected to the internet. Then any programs are stream recorded.

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Re: Known or unknown errors with Hopper 2 and other issues

DISH Employee

Hi Sa8squa8tch! That's quite the list of questions! Let's try to work through them one by one. If any require account specific information, we'll save them for the end in a Private Message.


The Wireless Joey's range varies based on the environment it's set up in. In an open space it could probably get twice the distance but that signal strength and quality is examined by the technician on site when they are installed to provide the best outcome possible.

Re: Known or unknown errors with Hopper 2 and other issues

Associate Producer

Hopper 2 only has 3 tuners total, so if Primetime is recording you only have 2 free.  If you pad recordings for early & late  stop/start you will often have less timers free than you think you have (plus Joeys also use a tuner to watch live).  That's why people get the Hopper 3, it has 16 tuners & no more of the conflicts you're experiencing with multiple users.