Joey's freezing up since update

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Joey's freezing up since update

Gary L
Since the latest Hopper update, all 3 of my Joey's freeze up when attempting to change channels from a not-quite-live broadcast. This always happens when you've been watching a live tv channel, but have paused or rewound at some point. When you then attempt to change channels, the screen comes up that informs you that you must switch to live TV before you change channels (as it always has). But when you click on 'yes', the joey freezes up, and may or may not respond to any inputs from that point on. The only solution is to turn off the Joey and turn it back on. Aggravating as Hell.

And BTW (and possibly related), why didn't my Joey's get the new interface software like the Hopper did?
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Re: Joey's freezing up since update

DISH Employee
To update your joeys to the new UI that is on your Hopper, you will need to place all of your receivers including the Hopper in standby mode for 30 mins to an hour. To place the receivers into standby mode, press (do not hold) the power button on the receivers to turn them off. Once in standby mode, the screen should say "press any button to watch TV."