Joey keeps bringing up TV Activity screen

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Joey keeps bringing up TV Activity screen

Wife turned on the TV connected to Joey this afternoon and every couple of minutes, the TV Activity screen pop up. Tuner 3 shows multiple channels, including the one she is watching. Pressing Select or selecting the show she is watching sends it back to the show.
We recently had the "big" upgrade, related?
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Re: Joey keeps bringing up TV Activity screen

How is the Joey connected to the Hopper? RG6?
Can you connect the Joey to the Hopper using a network LAN cable, CAT6 and test to see if the joey continues to display the activity screen? Try a different RG6 cable between the Joey and Hopper. Make sure the RG6 splitter is of good quality.

My two joeys are connected via network LAN cables to the Hopper via a network LAN switch and all works for me. You can review my configuration tagged in the bottom of this reply.