Joey freezes and pixelates

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Joey freezes and pixelates

I recently upgraded to a 4K Joey as my previous one was having issues with freezing and pixelation. Well this one has the same issue and I am so frustrated. New cable was run, splitters were changed, LNB on dish was changed. No one in customer support seems to have any idea what I'm talking about or how to fix it . They keep asking me what error message appears and I keep explaining that there isn't one! Could this be an overheating issue? I have noticed that both Joeys get very hot despite being on top of the table and having complete open space above them. Help me I am so done with this issue!
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Re: Joey freezes and pixelates

DISH Employee

I am sorry to hear of your ongoing issues with your Joeys. I'd be pleased to take a closer look into this issue for you. Can you please provide me with your phone number, and security pin in a private message so that  I may access your account?