Joey and a remote

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Joey and a remote


One day my remote ceased working with my joey.  It would control tv functions but no dish functions.  After resetting joey, resetting main reciever, after unpair and repairing the remote to main reciever it still did not work.  Spent 45 minutes with online help, went through the whole process again, they said we’ll send you a new remote.  Got new remote today still not working, according to joey system info screen there are no remotes paired with main reciever, but the main reciever system info screen shows remotes paired and linked.  Says in yellow from joey system info screen “No DISH remote controls paired to your DISH reciever.”  Also the main reciever shows good connection with joey, so DISH. Fix. My. Problem.

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Re: Joey and a remote

Screen Writer
When you are unpairing and re-pairing on the Joey, is the System into screen up on the Hopper?