Is there a solution?? (Wally)

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Is there a solution?? (Wally)

Character Actor

I have the Wally receiver, I am currently stationary....the Wally does a mandatory reset every night (you can tell it when to do it, you cannot turn this feature off) the problem is EVERY day when I turn it on it starts the Starting Up procedure! Once in a blue moon I can turn it on and it resumes and goes directly to TV.


Why is it doing this?? It is soooo annoying!! Why isn't it doing a complete reset so when it is turned on the next day it goes straight to TV?


Fingers and toes crossed there is a solution to this!!


Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Is there a solution?? (Wally)


I have same issue, every morning when I turn it on it runs through a switch installation check and then has a very limited guide; full guide then takes "up to 10 minutes"..

Re: Is there a solution?? (Wally)

DISH Employee

My apologies for the delayed response due to the higher than normal volume of posts that we've had the past few days. I know that this has to be frustrating. I'd be pleased to take a look into this issue for you. May you please provide me with your phone number, and security pin in a private message so that I may access your account?