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Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Character Actor
Ok, I am going to post again. The new interface is TERRIBLE!!!!

Dish is going to lose customers over this, starting with me.

Direct TV has been trying to get me to switch for a while now, maybe it's time.

Direct TV will lock me in at a lower price for 2 years. Dish keeps jacking up the price.

What a ripoff.

Are you listening Dish?

Probably not.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback


Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Costume Designer
Just had the automatic upgrade to the new Hopper interface and I have two problems: 1. battery critically low message appears even though batteries have been replaced and I reset the hopper receiver. 2. The new interface info no longer gives signal strength for OTA I have to backtrack to the menu and go to the OTA setup. Very cumbersome!

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

I too am thoroughly unimpressed with this new 'upgrade'. The new interface Is just window dressing and a bloated piece of crap set code! Some things I hate with new interface:

1. Dvr only filters by title or Dvr date. Used to be able to filter by genre, network, etc. Now all my recordings are a jumbled mess. We need to be able to search by genre!

2. 4x ff, reverse gone. 15x is tooooooo fast !! Why are you taking away a features that make my user experience better ??

3. Way too slow !

4. Where is all of the On Demand options ?? Used to be able to search show like Bachelorette and would see on demand options as well. Now this is missing/no longer available?

5. Guide is cut off by info on side. When I search guide I want to see upcoming shows! If I want to see info, I'll press info.

6. New search.

I would say I hate just about everything with this new interface.

We initially went with Dish because at time it was only service available here. Now we have option to switch to Direct TV and unless Dish responds to outrage regarding these horrendous non user-friendly changes, we are Definately leaving. Even before this change Dish was so full of glitches we never experienced when we had Direct TV. I think it's time we go back to a service that works for us.

Update. We are leaving.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Character Actor
On the new menu screen, at the top when you select sports it gives you teams. How do you add and delete teams from this menu? I would like to add all the state schools not just the ones Dish decides I need.

Re: Cannot Record By Title With Latest Hopper Update

JW8675309 wrote:
With the latest update, there doesn't seem to be a "Seek and Record" like option anymore. I need to be able to record programs by generic title. In example, sports listed in the guide on Bein Sports (Channel 392) may be labeled "Tennis" or "Women's Tennis", but are not treated as a series - so to record I have to set dozens of individual timers to record. This is unacceptable. Can anyone advise on this? Is this being addressed?


Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

In the old interface, I could search by genre, such as "show me all the science fiction movies with a critics rating of at least 3 stars" coming up. But now, all the filters seem to be gone! I can search only for a title of which I am already aware. Is it true that in this "upgrade" the search functionality has been seriously [i:3sup7zd8]degraded[/i:3sup7zd8]?!? In what sense of the word is this an "upgrade?"

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

The hopper upgrade sucks. Why did you change something that worked fine?? There are no improvements it just looks different which is annoying because we are used to the way it was.

It is now much slower and you have to do 2 or 3 steps to do something that used to take one step.

The worst part is the fast forward and reverse. It used to have a speed of 4x that is now gone. The slowest speed is now 15x which constantly goes to fast and passes where you want to stop so you have to keep going back and forth many times.

This upgrade is so stupid. If you think you have to do this then you should give the customer the option to not do the upgrade instead of forcing it upon us. Everyone needs to complain about this so they will put it back to the old way or give us an option to do so.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

I made an account on here for the first time in like 4 years just to say how much I hate this interface.

It looks like it was rolled back in time about 15 years. The new style is terrible and looks antiquated.

The worst part is that it's insanely SLOW! Just so slow. It's 2017. Technology should not be this slow.

It's got me wondering if now is the time to switch over to Direct or just cut the cable all together.

I hate this interface.

Disapointed with new update

I hate how you cant sort your dvr recordings by movies, news, and others anymore. Having to look through all recordings in A to Z is so lame and time consuming. Why would you do this? Please fix it.

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