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Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

To transfer recordings, there are at least 2 ways- hard drive or Ethernet. Just updated hopper with sling to Hopper 3. For some reason I could not get a hard drive to install on my old hopper, but I realized you can transfer everything with an Ethernet cable directly from one to the other. The installer will not do this as it took over 24 hours even with this direct connection.

The timers can be "backed up" to the remote from the old unit, then paired with the new hopper and "transferred" to the new hopper. The new update made this easy. I had never done this before under the old software so don't know if it worked the same way.

Lots of easy directions on line on how to do either of these things.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Camera Crew
theKiwi wrote:
peggyrh wrote:
Actually 4x has been gone since Feb of 2016, that's a year and a half ago. The current interface has been in use on Hopper 3 since it's release in early 2016, so don't expect those features to come back.

I had it until just a few short weeks ago when my "Hopper with Sling" was upgraded - so it's only been gone for a few short weeks. I'm still trying to teach myself that I only need 3 presses to get to 300x not 4 presses...


Dish has been giving new users the "upgraded" software since 2/16. They never had the 4X FWD. People who have been forced to "upgrade" and valued the convenience have lost value. I'm going to assume that there are enough disappointed "converts" to make them reconsider.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

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The upgrade has created nothing but problems for me. I'll be contacting DISH to see what alternatives are available to replace the Hopper/Joey. Since the upgrade, the system has become much slower and viewing local stations uninterrupted in HD has become impossible. Whenever I use the remote control to switch to a local channel, the lost signal (11/12/11 - 015A) dialog box is displayed and the television switches to SD. When that happens, I can;t use the up and down buttons to change channels - have to use the keypad to enter the channel number. I can enter the same channel or a different one and the HD is restored. Every call to DISH has them attributing the problem to weather. It's summer in the Northeast and it rains. In the winter, I imagine it will now. I've been a DISH customer for over 20 years and it has never been this bad. Cable TV is looking better and better. According to the Diagnostics, my receiver already has the latest software -- SWID U236.

Search so-called improvements

The new Hopper 3 search options are terrible. Dish has tried to mimic Google by making a search return everything that the whole world is searching. Listen up DISH...I don't care what the whole world is searching for, I only want what my subscription contains and I want a history of my previous searches and I want to search by categories. This is the way we've always been able to search with other receivers and you tried to do something that is really not compatible with TV viewing via subscription. Please take me back to what we had.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

rjterry21 wrote:
I have been a dish customer for 20+ years now. I bought my first system in a retail store in Denver in 1996 and consider myself part of the founding customers and long time supporters of the company.

To that end, I would like to know who to contact to get an upgrade to my home equipment at no charge and with no contract extension. I currently have 2 Hopper2 and two Joey and an older tailgator system in my RV. I'm on autopay for the monthly bill.

The shortcomings in the code update have me seriously considering cutting the cord if I have to spend any $$ to resolve the issue with Dish gear. The lag or complete failure to playback a PTAT recording from the remote Hopper is frustrating.

Additionally, I am experiencing:
[list:1bjn1ahj][*:1bjn1ahj]lack of 4x (I realize this is probably not coming back). Consequently, the lag and 15x causes frequent overshoots, etc and a most frustrating experience[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]tiny caller ID on bottom of screen (whose dumb idea was this?)[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]Pressing Guide, Guide, Guide no longer scrolls to each programmed guide. Must press Guide, arrow, etc. to move. This was a useful feature that has now been depreciated[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]Black screens/hang trying to playback recordings when current program is playing back from a pause. Have had to hard-reset Hopper to regain control[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]Lost EHD option and not showing on account - need this back to move recordings, including those already on the EHD, and I'm not paying another activation fee[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]Remote battery error - constant reminder. I use a Harmony and don't use the dish remote[/*:m:1bjn1ahj]
[*:1bjn1ahj]SLOW, SLOW, SLOW[/*:m:1bjn1ahj][/list:u:1bjn1ahj]

P.S. I'm also extremely annoyed that every summer, I have to call support to get my tailgator "re-authorized." I pay the receiver fee monthly, without a layup period, so it should stay activated regardless if it hasn't seen a signal for a few months.

I haven't seen any response here from Dish. Perhaps Dish is no longer watching this thread?

I would prefer not to have to call into the customer retention people at this point. Just prefer to avoid the aggravation.

Horrible service since "update"/new UI

I agree completely with comments of poor service ever since the update/new UI. Since then, the system is junk and the UI has been worsened rather than improved or simplified. I've been a faithful autopay Dish customer for many years, but the service is unacceptable now and must be addressed. I will be posting negative reviews on all social channels until the system is repaired or I am given a discounted rate until it is repaired. If this is not resolved, I will be moving service to a new provider. My system freezes at some point every time I watch TV, daily, regardless of which of 3 TVs I am watching on. It randomly drops sound completely and then will not fix even when I change channel, until I reboot. Or, the screen goes black and will not go back to "live TV" almost daily and sometimes many times a day, which again is not fixed by changing channel or anything. I end up rebooting the system at least once a day.... Even when it keeps playing, the picture often pixilates and seems to have bad reception and dropping parts of either picture or sound or both; this is very, very often, as well. I've seen you ask other complaining customers, so I'll also tell you: No, I do not get error codes. I just have one of these issues and for the most part am forced to reboot to get it working again... every day... This is unacceptably poor service. And, again the UI was in no way improved, so this update should never have occurred.

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Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

My upgrade has been really frustrating. Most of the same problems others are experiencing along with now I often have to reset the Hopper when I exit Netflix as it hangs on the confirmation page.

I've been with Dish for 15 years and am leaving soon partially because of this Hopper firmware fiasco but also an issue Dish refuses to discuss: In San Diego our CW affiliate moved from a dedicated OTA station to a subchannel, KFMB-DT2, under the CBS affiliate. After the switch the local channel is available on Cox, AT&T U-Verse, Spectrum and DirecTV, but not on Dish.

There are a number of shows on The CW that my family watches. I've called Dish a few times and not one person can give my a valid reason why they are not carrying this network affiliate on their local channels. I've called the local station and they say they have been perplexed by the apathy met in their attempts to discuss this issue with Dish.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Casting Director
Subchannels are not typically carried on satellite. There are some for Dish and some for DTV, but the vast majority are not carried on satellite.

For subchannels, you would be better off getting an OTA. You can use and see what type of antenna you'd need and a USB OTA module for your Hopper and get your CW back.

Problems following Updae

Ever since my Hoppers and Joey's received the new interface I have had several problems. i have 2 hoppers. One is connected to 2 Joey's and one is connected to 3 Joey's. We are having several problems with Timers not recording, Joey's locking up....requiring us to unplug. Also I am only able to get one hopper connected to WIFI...and it won't allow the Joey to connect. So, in a house with 6 tv's, we can connect to Netflix on one only. I have been patient since I assumed that there would be some bugs that they would need to work out...but paying my bill today really pissed me off. I shouldn't have to pay what I pay for a service that does not work. Any ideas?

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Chad, thanks for the info. It would be nice to hear what the Dish policy is on subchannels, but "not typically carried" seems to be about right. (I did find they carry WEVV-DT2, the Evansville IN Fox affiliate.)

To me when Dish is the only provider in a major market to not carry a network affiliate it looks like they're slipping into the minor leagues.

I've been toying with the idea of cutting the cord. My latest contract is up next month. I will likely experiment with OTA and Roku for a few weeks and either stick with that or move on to DTV or U-verse.