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Re: Soooooo slow since software upgrade

DISH Employee
EnglishJim wrote:
Ever since the recent upgrade about two weeks ago, my dish system is sooooo slow.
The time from pushing the guide button until seeing the guide is 3-5 seconds. I have called and was told it would be reported. Nothing has changed! I am very close to cancelling my contract because Dish has not lived up to their part of the agreement. If nothing else a reduction in price would be better than nothing

There are some things I want to check with you. Do you have the 1st or 2nd Gen Hopper system? On the front of the Hopper there is a red reset button and if you could press it for 6+ seconds and allow it to regain programming and then check to see if it is still running slow. If so please PM me with the phone number and 4-digit PIN to further assist you.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Since my last post, I have discovered that when looking at the screen with my recordings, I can hit Skip Forward on the remote to move to the Schedules and Timers tabs. That helps a little. My main complaint now is just lag after pushing buttons. I'll think it didn't register my button push and then push again and then suddenly it goes too far by reacting to both button pushes. The delay is killing me. Also noticed that despite having timers set up, they're not always working now. I just noticed that a show tonight was not going to record despite having the timer set up to record all new episodes. I had to set up another timer exactly the same for it to record. I wonder how many shows I'll miss because of timers not working.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Camera Crew
I did a power cycle on my Hopper with Sling and Joey 1. Is there any other actions I should take to ensure I have the best performance possible after the firmware update?

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

We were updated a month or so ago and it is very slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Also, we lost the ability to sort prime time by most watched. Becoming very disenchanted with DISH. Slow, no sort and we have to wait a week at least to use the hop through the commercial feature. Direct TV is starting to look better and better.

primetime recordings not shown in recording manager

After the update, recordings saved from the primtime anywhere folder to the "no folder" list do no appear in the "manage recording" function. Hence they can not be distributed to named folders or to an external hard drive. They can be viewed and deleted from their primary icon. If there are a mixture of recordings obtained by manual timers and those moved from primetime anywhere, only the ones saved by manual primers appear in the "manage recordings" function. These observations were made on a hopper 2 after the summer 2017 update.

delete icon fails on 2nd hopper

On a system with 2 hopper 2's after the update:
After viewing a recording on the other hopper and getting to the "stop" window, the delete icon fails to delete the recording. The list of available recordings is replaced by a list of on-demand items, so there is no further option to manage the recording from that window. The only way to delete the watched recording is to exit DVR, and then re-enter DVR and navigate back to the folder, relocate the recording, and delete it with the blue button (or the delete option if there is only one recording in the subfolder).

This bug does not occur for recordings on the hopper to which the remote is registered.

Re: delete icon fails on 2nd hopper

DISH Employee
Is this issue happening with the user interface (black and red) or the classic interface (light blue)? Can you provide me the software version of the Hopper that is having the issue so I can get this forwarded to our receiver operations team?

Re: primetime recordings not shown in recording manager

DISH Employee
Have you tried to delete the Timers affected and then set them back up to make sure your getting them to save to move?

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Character Actor
I have complained and got "we will look into it". Surely they tested this upgrade before releasing it to millions of people

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

DISH Employee
There are things I am asking from the customers having issues with the New UI update. Can you provide me the following with your phone number in a PM to get all of these reported so we can get them to our Tech Operations Team;

Hopper or Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 -
Issue(s) –
* EPG - Fixed Banner
* General Troubleshooting
* How To
* Look and Style
* Loss of Recordings
* Other
* Upgrade Pop-Up