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Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

DISH Employee
We are sorry to hear this, and would be happy to review your account to help you. Should you wish my assistance, please private message your account/phone and 4 digit PIN.

Re: New guide

I agree as well. New guide in Classic Display is very light. My husband is color blind and the light black lettering is very hard to see.

I am also at a loss as to where you can move a DVR recording to another folder. Or even create a new folder?

This new update seems to run slow and viewing a Netflix movie even stopped to buffer.

VERY disappointed in this "update".

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

I cannot watch the majority of my recorded movies on my DVR that I recorded from free previews. Before the software change everything was fine but now I cannot watch Guardians Of The Galaxy(just one of many). The box that comes on the screen says; ATTENTION 371 This subscription channel is available for immediate upgrade without a call. Select OK to find out more.
NEWSFLASH!!!!! I don't pay for premium channels. I don't want them!!! I should have never allowed the damned software update. I cannot watch over half my movies now. Thanks a lot DISH. I am cutting the cord now. You will never make me pay for movies I already have on my DVR. Very, very, angry. Hello Direct TV.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

I just wanted to add that I, too, hate the new user interface. It's slow, rewind is quirky and the recorded shows have truncated titles and appear to be smaller than before, forcing me to move closer to read them. My whole family is pretty upset and we're considering other options now. If these things don't improve by July 15th, we're going to make a move, because this is almost unusable.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

My software update happened overnight, and this morning my Joey would not work. I had to sit on the phone with customer service for 90 minutes to get it fixed. Now I can watch, but, I have noticed a couple of issues so far:

My fast skip forward button does not work. It says the "time" (ie 30 seconds, 1 minute forward) but in actuality it seems like it is only jumping forward a couple of seconds. I'll hit it 10 times and not even be through with one commercial. Which would be ok if the fast forward worked, but, item #2

The fast forward also does not work. I hit it once and it just goes back to the programming, and if I try the fast fast fwd it doesn't register but just goes straight to the original programming without fast forwarding.

Item #3....If I hit pause within a show and then hit the play button to resume, it kicks me out of the show and puts me into live TV mode. This happened with a Primetime anytime show, not sure about the regular DVR.

I have to admit I'm disappointed. After sitting on the phone for so long this morning I was hoping everything was working but I don't really want to call back to sit on the line again. Any suggestions??

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

DISH Employee
Which Hopper model do you currently have? The model will be listed on the bottom left-hand side of the front panel.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Hate to post as another unhappy customer, BUT..... for years AT&T has been trying to get us to bundle with DirecTV, but we've always politely refused because we LOVE our Dish Network, our Hopper w/ sling, and our Super Joey. However, this new interface may be a game changer. I will reiterate the problems that I agree with that others have already posted. Our interface is slow to react when you push buttons on the remote - it's painful. It's also too difficult to delete shows from your recordings - instead of hitting the red button to delete, you have to go into another menu or two before being able to delete. It's also too difficult to change between DVR recordings, Schedule, and Timers. We use to be able to push one button to flip between these options, but now I can only flip through DVR recordings and Primetime recordings with that button. To change to Schedule, I have to hit the up arrow several times to get to the top of the page and then hit the right arrow until I get to my selection. It's a tedious process. It seems that so many actions that used to be accomplished with only one button are now lengthier processes, and it's very annoying. Changing to a Hopper 3 may speed it up, but those lengthy processes are still going to be the same. Dish really messed things up with this update, and I understand why so many customers are upset. Even my 9 year old complains about the new interface! I truly hope the techs redo some of this interface to make various actions easier with one button, or it's time for me to finally explore DirecTV. I'm already browsing their site.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

What a disaster!!! It's slow, difficult to navigate, difficult to delete viewed recordings, (and they keep reappearing after we delete??) etc., etc. And the appearance of Guide and DVR screens is about as appealing as going from an IPad back to a Macintosh. Did the programmers who designed this "upgrade" ever use it or are we paying subscribers the beta test dummies? Not Happy!! Might be looking at Direct.....

Soooooo slow since software upgrade

Character Actor
Ever since the recent upgrade about two weeks ago, my dish system is sooooo slow.
The time from pushing the guide button until seeing the guide is 3-5 seconds. I have called and was told it would be reported. Nothing has changed! I am very close to cancelling my contract because Dish has not lived up to their part of the agreement. If nothing else a reduction in price would be better than nothing

Re: Soooooo slow since software upgrade

Casting Director
I would recommend reading the contract, before making claims about what's in the contract..