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Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

This update is horribly slow. Unacceptable slow. This is a downgrade. Dish needs to roll this back or find a way to make this faster. Was this not tested before rollout? I have original Hoppers and this clearly needs the newer equipment that I will not shell out money for in order to work. Please fix this.

Re: Getting guide to only show HD on new interface

Camera Crew
azbruno wrote:
When I turned on the TV this morning and looked at the guide, at the top was the red bar and it said [b:rstm9tq4]Showing: HD Subscribed[/b:rstm9tq4], which is exactly what I wanted. So to say it is not an option is odd, because there it was! The only issue with it was that the guide was also listing all the premium channel On Demands even though I am not subscribed to them.

When I pressed the red button, I was able to select to show all subscribed or all unsubscribed or all channels, but I cannot get back to HD subscribed. So apparently the ability to show HD subscribed is there, just can't get there.

Creating a favorites list is not an option because it is very cumbersome to set up and as the channel line up changes (channels added, deleted, free previews, etc.) it would not be reflected in my list.

Get use to it. That is their "stock" answer, and they don't seem very interested in adding back an option that was obviously very useful.
Really ticks me off they take away options in an "upgrade" which only has worse options. :x :x :evil:

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

DISH Employee
We are sorry to hear your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. This interface, though, has increased personalization so that you can change the guide's text size, color scheme, and switch to a "modern" option for the guide appearance.

Search has been drastically improved with features such as auto suggest, number shortcuts to get search results faster, and the ability to search by Actors, Teams, Sports, Shows, and Movies.

We are, though, happy to review your account and help you. Please private message your account/phone and 4 digit PIN.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

I sent this email to the DISH Care email, but I'll post here too to hopefully reach out more.

I recently updated to the new Hopper software (? don't know if that's the correct term to use). I wanted to point out some issues I've come across in the hopes they can be addressed and fixed in further updates.

If I used to press the search button while in the guide or DVR on a specific show, that show would auto-populate into the search bar. That no longer happens, and I must manually type it in, which leads me to my next point.

When typing into the search field, I can no longer use the keyboard typing feature from the remote (press #2 three times for the letter "c"). I like the premise of the quick select for "Most Popular Searches," but I'd prefer the simpler typing instead.

While in the "Schedule" tab of the DVR, once I've selected it, I can no longer easily re-access the top tabs to select a different screen (Recordings, Timers, Trash). This gets pretty frustrating to press Cancel to get out of the screen I'm in and go back and start all over again.

Thanks for your time, and I LOVE my DISH service!!!

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Is there a way to revert to the old GUI, this new one is so slow.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

DISH Employee
There is not a way to revert back to the previous User Interface, as this update was pushed out all of the Hoppers.

Re: Interface Upgrade- Feedback

Character Actor
Yep, it is terrible. Dish if you think your new interface is great and wonderful let's use this video to talk about it!

See how great it is at It gets better the more you use it. In some cases it actually did work better than many other times we have seen it.

Still waiting on a response to the requested PM on this update.


Re: Dish please respond- slowdown since new interface

Casting Director
PM can only be responded to if agent is working.
Ck their schedule (usually listed below their name) & remember - it's a holiday weekend so might not be working till Tues.

Re: Dish please respond- slowdown since new interface

Character Actor
Actually, their schedule shows they should be working. Still, I am seeing this crappy performance. Need a fix or a change.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

The new interface is really awful. Really, really slow. Not enough room to see ahead on the schedule. And that font. Really? Difficult to read and impossible to read from a distance. Is there any way to go back?