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Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Audio Engineer
1.intact sure, will they work? debatable dish still didnt fix the guide the screw up 4 months ago, which effect the timers on if they actual work.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

rjak3004 wrote:
Get ready for a horrific slowdown if you don't have the Hopper 3. :(

So, I took the plunge and I noticed that right away. Loading anything is significantly slower, sadly. Pretty bothersome because it was reasonably fast previously. My timers and recordings seem to work just fine, but its only been a couple of hours, so early to find any problems yet. Unfortunately last time I checked I couldn't get the hopper 3 in my area (6 months or so ago).

I do like most of the new interface except for a few things....

1. In search I can't speed it up by hitting the number keys to the corresponding letters, which sucks really bad. Although I do understand that most people probably weren't accustomed to that anyway.

2. No way I've found to remove the "Quick tips"taking up valuable space.

3. Shorter span of time you can see in guide due to info screen being on the right.

4. Ease of editing recordings (multiples at one time) reduced due to more screens to go through and the fact that response time is sooooo slow on hopper w/sling. Ugh.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

I have two Hoppers, both first generation. I updated one to see how it would be. Not sure why they're calling this an upgrade. The new interface is painfully slow on older Hoppers. I think there needs to be a way to opt out of this for those of us not running Hopper 3. When this gets pushed on our primary Hopper, my wife, who is already fed up with rate increases, is going to be pushing to move to cable or direct, and this time I'm going to have to agree. Nice job "fixing" what wasn't broken Dish...

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Casting Director
It should be noted that while on different GUIs, the hoppers will not communicate.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Camera Crew
I would really like to hear from dish on this one because it is painfully slow. This is the whole reason I always stayed away from cox or att uverse for tv, it thought the amount of time it took to get the pause/ff/rewind to respond was too slow to tolerate, now dish is almost as bad.
While I have been looking at the hopper 3 and will probably get one by the end of the summer, I still think the update shouldn't cause a slow down this bad.
Also I like that the folders in dvr are easier to get to now. What I don't like is if I have a show I put in a folder and another episode tapes of it, it doesn't go in the folder. This means more organizing on my part. It could be automatic. Also I know I can change it in the timer itself but again this still means I have to do it twice. I have to put the ones I recorded in the folder and then change the timer so the newer ones go there too. If I put them there, that is where the new ones should go too. It would be so much easier.
Please find a way to speed it up. It should not take 1-5 seconds to start ff when I just want to skip a few commercials.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Casting Director
The Hopper 1's are slow due to hardware limitations. It's faster on the H2 and definitely faster on the H3.

DVR Recordings not working after new Update

I have to post this as don't see any posts on it

I got the new Interface update on my Original Hopper the other night

on my DVR recordings where I recorded Movies from when I had the HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz or when they was on Free Preview I could watch them till this new Interface Update now Pops up saying subscription channel is available for immediate upgrade and then a dialog asking if I wish to allow event pay per view?

so question is .. does this mean we can no longer watch movies off the free preview or recorded before we downgrade our package? or is this a bug that will take a year or more to fix as with past updates?

Re: DVR Recordings not working after new Update

DISH Employee
Free previews can be recorded. I can submit your experience to our engineers for review on the new User Interface. In a private message, send me the receiver CA ID, Software Version and if only premium free previews are affected.

Re: Interface Upgrade Q&A

Camera Crew
I agree. This "Update" is pretty bad. If I could go back, I certainly would!
Pulling up the guide is slow.
Moving between pages in the guide is slow.
The font used on the guide is AWFUL!
Can't see farther ahead because of the information on the right side of the screen.
Colors are awful.
When I look at my recordings, now I have to switch buttons if I want to see my schedules/timers. Before, I use to be able to just hit the DVR button over and over to move between the tabs.
When I do a channel recall, the banner on the bottom of the screen stays up way too long.

I am sure there are other things, but those are the most glaring things. Sure wish I could go back to the old screens.
If I had wanted a DirectTV guide, I would have gotten DirectTV.
:| :?

Re: New Hopper Update

Camera Crew
New software update to hopper software sucks, replaced a good search product with a worthless trending that will only work if you have an internet connection. No more easy delayed viewing, 8 days of program listings and no way to search.