Image size of OTA is wrong

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Image size of OTA is wrong

Major Havoc
Audio Engineer
I use my OTA tuner all the time. But one thing that has annoyed me is the image size. It is zoomed in too much when OTA is showing a 4:3 source, and cuts the top and bottom of the picture off. Not seriously a problem except in two cases, one I find critical:
1. When an OTA channel has hard captions included (like for foreign films) the captions are often not fully visible.
2. But more critical is the Emergency Alert System. Three days ago we received a local alert. The sound was heard on the local channel, and a green banner appeared in the image. However, the top that actually contained the scrolling text was not visible. This is a SERIOUS problem if there is a real local emergency.

Yes, I pressed the Format button. While it pops up (in the proper place at the bottom) the Display Format menu, the selections change nothing. This is as OTA has always been, you cannot change the image format for stretch, zoom, etc. They do nothing.

And yes, I tried the Tv's setting menu as well. It made little difference but note the image us properly aligned for Dish channels just fine.

The other indication that it's not quite right is the channel logo is cut off half way in the bottom right.

This is not every channel. Only, it seems, OTA channels broadcast in 4:3.

As an alternate test, I tried tuning the offending channels directly OTA with my TV and the image is displayed correctly, and I can adjust the size with the Tv's remote.

What I see on Dish OTA is as if a 4:3 signal is in "zoom 1" mode always, and there is no way to unzoom it back to 4:3

Anyone else see this? I have tested the output on three different sets, and the results are always the same. I blame a hard coded zoom for 4:3 OTA signals. That should be removed, and let the user select Format mode like other channels.
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Re: Image size of OTA is wrong

DISH Employee

Major Havoc, having part of the picture cut off can be very frustrating. Thank you for bring this to our attention. I would be delighted to submit this feedback to our Engineer Team for them to look into and see what we can do to get this resolved! 

Re: Image size of OTA is wrong

Major Havoc
Audio Engineer

Thanks Sam. I can send images if it would help, and happy to test or try things out if you have questions. Note that it’s 4:3 OTA content that gets zoomed automatically where the issues seems to be.