How to "learn" TV Power for 50.0 Remote?

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How to "learn" TV Power for 50.0 Remote?

Hi since my TV apparently isn't natively supported by Dish (RCA LED32E30RH), I've resorted to learning volume up/down, mute and power on the 50.0 remote. My problem is that it will learn everything except TV power. When programming the Dish remote for TV power; following the same procedure for other functions (push button on Dish remote, TV light blinks on remote, hold down appropriate button on TV remote until Dish remote TV light blinks, etc.), the TV light on the Dish remote never blinks, signalling its ready to receive signal from TV remote.

Is there something special I need to do to get the Dish remote to enter TV Power learning mode?

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Re: How to "learn" TV Power for 50.0 Remote?

DISH Employee
Here are the steps we have to Teach/Learn for the 50.0/52.0 remotes;

1- Press the HOME button twice
2- Select Settings
3- Select Remote Control
4- Choose your desired device
6- Choose your desired learning mode
7- Place both the DISH remote and the other remote on a flat stable surface

Point the front of the original remote to face the IR window on the top edge of DISH's remote (remotes must be within 4 inches of each other)

8- Press the button you want to teach on the DISH remote
9- . On the original remote control, press and hold the button you want learned

(you may need to press the button on the original remote several times for the DISH remote to learn the command)

(if the mode light remains lit, it did not learn the command)

10- Repeat the previous two steps for all commands you want to learn