Horrible Screech from netflix & other problems since update

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Horrible Screech from netflix & other problems since update

Honestly so disappointed with dish. they were awesome, everything worked perfectly and there were no issues. I go on a trip and come back to this new update which looks cool but don't be fooled. The update makes the system 10x slower and unresponsive. on demand doesn't work anymore. it just downloads for days, forever stuck in the queue. And don't say it is because I have a bad internet speed, I have AT&T fiber @ 100mbps. Netflix is now more broken than it was. ever since the software update, there is a terrible screeching that happens when you use the Netflix app. I called tech support, they denied my claim that it was a hardware issue and instead sent me new receivers. new receivers have the problem as well. Still a hardware issue? I think not. There seems to be no solution so I'm gonna have to find another provider.

What happened dish. I'm not mad, just disappointed....
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Re: Horrible Screech from netflix & other problems since upd

DISH Employee
If you're having issues downloading On Demand, try resetting the network (Menu twice on a 40.0 remote or Home three times on a 50/52/54 then go to Network > Reset Network) and the box (unplug for 10 seconds then plug back in). The On Demand issue is a known issue that we're working on, and if you'd like me to submit that you're also experiencing this issue, please private message me the account number or phone number on your account and the 4-digit PIN. Resetting the network and the box have been the best workarounds so far.

Is the noise when opening Netflix just on the Joeys, or the Hopper as well? I've experienced this on one of my Joeys but never on my Hopper, and the more information we can gather about this the better.