HopperGo with Multiple DISH Accounts

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HopperGo with Multiple DISH Accounts

Glen A

Considering HopperGo purchase; however, I need to determine if it will work with my particular circumstance.

I spend 6 months in Texas and 6 Months in Florida with separate DISH accounts in each location (and separate Hopper3's). I remove DISH Pause on the account associated with my active location, placing the other account on DISH Pause for 6 mos. I therefore have two separate accounts and associated logins to my DishAnywhere apps.

Here is the question: if I transfer recordings to a HopperGo while in one location with the associated DISH account, can I watch those recordings when that account is placed on Pause for 6 mos and my alternate DISH account is activated? (I understand there is a forced re-authentication every 30 Days, but can I authenticate while on DISH Pause?).

BTW, I have a similar problem with external hard drives that are keye to a particular account and I cannot use the hard drive as a portable drive for my recordings.

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Re: HopperGo with Multiple DISH Accounts

Casting Director
I don't have one but it probably works the same way as the EHD, recordings are tied to the specific account. Best way to know is to send a PM to one of the Dish reps, names in green.