Hopper3 Bluetooth Version & Codecs ??

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Hopper3 Bluetooth Version & Codecs ??


I have not used the bluetooth feature yet, but I'm shopping around for some new headphones or earbuds to use with my laptop and phone. Since I'm buying new ones, I'd like to get something that will perform well with the Hopper3 as well.


What version of Bluetooth is on the Hopper3?  

4.0  or  4.1  or  4.2 ?


What codecs are supported?

Aptx-LL (Low Latency)  or  Aptx-HD ?



Thank You!



Hopper3 Software Version U522

Application Software AN355a

Firmware 0012



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Re: Hopper3 Bluetooth Version & Codecs ??

DISH Employee

Hi, bbqgreg! We don't have specifics available to share about which Bluetooth version is on the Hopper. Most modern Bluetooth headphones should work with the Hopper. 

For help with pairing the headphones to the Hopper, just follow the instructions online at https://www.mydish.com/support/products/hopper/how-to/settings/accessibility#a11y_bluetooth