Hopper w Sling fails to record& Search screwed up

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Hopper w Sling fails to record& Search screwed up

My Hopper with sling has started failing to record shows from my existing timers (some of which have been there for years). Some shows get recorded others do not. I found some timers that had nothing scheduled but checking the guide I found the new show was there. Deleted the timer created a new one and it then showed the new episode was to be recorded. We often are several weeks behind in our viewing so this really sucks eggs for us. I had previously read of others having similar problems but thought they had missed my Hopper, how wrong I was. If you feel that you don't have this problem I'd say don't be so sure.

I also found when doing a search it would not find some shows. Some even had icons listed for the show but when I clicked the icon it said Search no results found, if nothing was there why is there an icon, this is beyond bad.

Talked to Dish support and the guy said update S544 is the cause of all my problems engineering is working on a fix and all that can be done is to wait, eventually talked to others but that is essentially what I was told. Recreating the timers as I did will probably only be a temporary fix and I can expect to have more shows that will be missed.

S544 was sent to my Hopper in the beginning of Feb, a month and a half ago will I have to wait another month and a half before my Hopper can reliably record what I tell it to? Will it even be fixed by then?

As everyone else here I've had some problems with Dish but when their Premier Product can no longer reliably perform it's main function and it takes how many months to correct ............

perhaps it may be time to start checking others
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Re: Hopper w Sling fails to record& Search screwed up

I registered here just to agree.
Add another unhappy customer to the list.

It's like the hopper has no information about any of the programming (well ok it has some but not all it did)
Many of my favorite shows no longer have accurate icons, just the network initials where the picture should be.

And none of our timers are recording. I don't know what I've missed from my favorite shows. Trying to keep up by going through the automatically recorded prime time stuff but that didn't get everything I watch and is a big hustle and time limited.