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Hopper resetting

A few months back I noticed my hopper was not connecting to wifi or when it did it would disconnect-reconnect over and over multiple times before it connected. I first thought wifi problems but my channels were working and it seemed to happen when I used Netflix. It would work fine than just stop and freeze but other TV's connected by Joey's were working. Only way to fix was reset and then one day black screen on all television. It was then we found out issue was with Dish after a phone call to them. They were kind & though customer service could not fix problem they did say it could be 24 hours and it was. But since then it has become a hassle of remote not working or hopper freezes, on demand does not work, not recording, cannot use Netflix, disconnects itself from wifi, account section does not recognize a package change" you name it and it happens. We have talked to Dish directly which has not been helpful and have sent emails etc., and I get an auto response. I have been with Dish for well over a decade (which I received a thank you card and because of that I received more of the "get a friend to sign up..." Which I have and had over 3 to sign up and I received nothing, not even a thank you but I digress) and I have been 98% happy with everything. But now it is if they do not care about their product. The billing is not the same as when you see to pay it through their account on Dish TV (this has been a long long time issue) I have paid in so much money I should own stock. I hate that I have to say all this but I am truly thinking about leaving and I never thought I would. I know others are having most of same issues but I have not found any answers. Any help would be appreciated because I still get a bill every month.
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Re: Hopper resetting

DISH Employee

Hello, C_Adele-reviews. This is definitely not the experience that we want you to have. I have been through my fair share of technical issues, and I know nothing feels worst than when you have several issues with no solution in sight. It would be my pleasure to work with you to get them resolved! 


It does seem like most of them are Internet related, and we will circle back to those issues. I am more concerned with the black screen and freezing issue as it could be related to the health of your Receiver. What model receiver do you have? If you're not sure the model will be present on the front, left hand side of the receiver. How often does this happen? Are you noticing it on Live picture and recordings?