Hopper not recording shows

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Hopper not recording shows


Update:I have solved this issue. The show (while somehow set up to record on channel 193) is actually on channel 182. I have changed the timer accordingly. I do not know how I was able to set up to record a show on the wrong channel to begin with, but somehow it happened.


I am having an issue with my Hopper 3. Shows are not recording like they're supposed to be. There are no scheduling conflicts. Here is my example: I wanted to record the show Savage Builds on the Science Channel (channel 193). I can check the Schedule tab and see have no conflicts; in fact, I have no shows at all recorded from Friday. I check my timer. It's set up to record new episodes. It does not have the highest priority, but that shouldn't matter if nothing else is recording (besides, if there was a conflict I should be able to see it on the Schedule tab, right?).  So what is going wrong?? The same thing is happening with other shows. Gumball and Steven Universe on Cartoon Network (channel 176) and Unearthed and Strange Evidence on Science Channel.


Additionally, I can search Savage Builds and see for example that there are episodes airing this Friday (7/5) at 9 and 10am. When I go to the guide to record these shows, there are 2 different shows shown in the guide.

How do I fix these issues? Both the recording and the wrong names in the guide.