Hopper is now dead

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Hopper is now dead

Camera Crew
I have two (original) Hoppers and one Joey. One Hopper is now dead and will not start up. We're way out of contract, so I guess this is the time for me to look around. Gosh its probably about five years now since we signed up for DISH this go around. (Had DISH previously for 5 years and then went to Directv for 3 years before coming back to DISH)

Can I get all of the newest generation of Hoppers? What is DISH going to want out of me? What is my rate going to do? I know I was grandfathered in with the old Hoppers, I think if I make a change my rates change.

I'd like to keep my set up two Hoppers and one Joey, but I think DISH won't do that anymore, right? Force me to go to One Hopper and two Joeys?

It is also time to start looking at the competition again and see what is out there.

DISH, what can you do for me?
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Re: Hopper is now dead

Equipment upgrades are account specific. Please send a PM to a moderator with your phone number and 4 digit PIN

If you get a Hopper 3 only one is allowed on the account
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator