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Hopper and joey skipping


i have had hopper and 4 joeys ever since they came out and dvr programs skip ahead when fast forwarding or rewinding. i have current software updated and have even swapped equipment out, which leads me to believe, along with others complaining, that irt is dish networks programming. my problem is this, years later, we the customer are fighting this issue. All dish can say is our engineers are aware of. I think i am going to throw in the towel and give direct tv a go, maybe they will care little bit more about customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember strength is in numbers folks!


Thanks for nothing,

Former 15 year customer

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Re: Hopper and joey skipping

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Well all I can say is Good luck with DirecTv,  I am a former Customer of DirecTV 20+ years and left,  It was a bit scary at first but I am glad I did.

DirecTv customer service is a joke, Get ready to be one the phone for hours and get nothing done for you if you have a problem, and your bill will double after the First year.   


I am not here to tell you not to Try DirecTv but I am here to give some advice for you,  Since I've been with Dish Network I have talked to many customer service reps prior to signing up and every single one was a pleasant adventure and it's been great having someone who actually cares about you the customer. 


I hope you have a better experience than I did after 20+ years and now with Dish Saving almost 100.00 per month over the next 2 years that 2400.00 bucks I am saving,  DirecTv is keeping my last payment for no reason, They also tried to say I didn't return their equipment which I knew they were going to try and pull some crap like this,  So i took Pictures of all my Equipment in the boxes, with receipts and me going into post office, and tracking numbers.  After hours on the phone and giving emailing them the Proof they magically found them,  I believe they think it's some kind of game and want nothing more than your paycheck.  At lease Dish Network keeps their Prices fairly low so most can afford a decent tv package.


So best of luck to you with DirecTv hope you have a better experience than I did.