Hopper and EHD issues

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Hopper and EHD issues

Camera Crew

First Issue: DVR Recordings/Timers


So I went through the problems with multiple recordings where it would record the same episode of a program more than once (quite often three or four times) and I would have to go through my DVR and delete all the copies to keep from filling the hard drive. Well, that seems to have been corrected for the most part and hardly ever happens any more. Now though, it has started to take multiple different episodes of a program (I'm assuming being broadcast back-to-back) and combining them into a single DVR event. So what I get is one DVR event describing a one hour program that is two or three hours long because it actually contains two or three different episodes of that program. First off, this prohibits me from seeing the info on the individual episodes the Hopper crammed into this "recording block". Secondly, this is again wasting hard drive space because, more often than not, there are duplicates in these "blocks" of episode I have already recorded individually. 


Second Issue: EHD (external hard drive)


My Hopper keeps having fits with it's USB ports. To start off, I have three EHDs connected to my Hopper, one in the front and two in the back. They consist of two 2TB drives and one 1TB drive. The issues I'm having only seems to be with two of the USB ports. One of them will just start turning off and then back on so I get the on-screen message "You have disconnected a device..." (click OK) a few seconds later "You have connected a device..." (click OK). This will happen two or three times with approximately 30 intervals. Sometimes, this may only happen once a month, sometimes it can happen multiple times a day. No apparent pattern. The issue with the other port is it will just shut down with no on-screen notice. The only indication is when I bring up the DVR menu I can see one of my EHDs is missing. The only way to bring the port back on line is to reboot the Hopper. The EHDs are full-size desktop models with their own power supplies. I've run diagnostics on the drives without any problems coming up. I've also swapped the drives around on the Hopper ports. What ever drive the Hopper calls "Device One" is the port that turns off and on. The drive on "Device Three" is the port that requires a reboot of the Hopper when it goes out. 


The other issue is when I try to play content on an EHD. So what happens is, I go to the DVR menu, go to sources, pick a drive from the list, the EHD content comes up, I select a program group, I select an episode of the program, I select start over or resume and the screen goes black, no audio or video of the recording playback. I get the usual options available during DVR playback, such as stop playback, switch back to a previous channel, pull up the guide or DVR menu and so on. To get the content to play, I have to go back through the previous selection process again. Then the EHD content will play without issue and I will not have this problem again until the EHDs have not been used for a while (a day or two). Then I need to "double start" content again.




Speaking of the EHDs. When is Dish going to fully integrate the EHDs into the Hopper system? It would be nice to just bring up the DVR menu and see all my content on one screen rather than having two or three or four seperate DVR menus (depending on number of drives you have). It would be nice to have access to the EHD content from Dish Anywhere as well. And please do something with the transfer speeds. It shouldn't take two days to move 100GB from one drive to another (Hopper to EHD, EHD to Hopper, EHD to EHD).

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Re: Hopper and EHD issues

DISH Employee

Thank you for providing all the details! Let's see what we can pull up to help you out. We might need to escalate some of this to the engineers.


May I have the 4 digit PIN on your account so I can access your information?