Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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Chiming in here. I am also "one of the few". A Hopper reboot will cause ehd to show up, but they're gone the next day. Tried with one or two, different ports, always disappears the next morning. Unplugging the drive doesn't fix it. Both WD 2gb MyBooks. Worked fine for at least 2 years up until a few months ago.

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

DISH Employee

We hate to hear you having this issue, as well, tcat007. Will you send a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, please? I'd like to get this reported to our Engineering team to look into.


Here are the steps for sending a Private Message: https://communities.dish.com/t5/Communities-101/How-To-Send-a-Private-Message/td-p/15039

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive


Hello --


Thanks to those of you who constructively participate on this thread -- great example of what a User Community is meant to be. And thanks to the Dish reps who have replied trying to be helpful -- you must be new there!


Just wanted to give my particulars: I've been a Dish Hopper customer for several years -- was with Comcast/TWC for many many years before this. I've long since become a fully-paying Dish customer.


I stay with Dish because I have a big library stored up, and love the convenience -- the recorded material keeps me with Dish -- I do not wish to get a new Hopper, etc. because I do not wish to lose or even risk losing that library (even though I rarely watch any of it!).


When my original Hopper dies, then it will be time for me to evaluate which provider to use in future.


I have had a WD 2TB EHD working with this Hopper for a long time -- it is finally just about full. I added a second WD 2 TB EHD the other evening. It formatted fine, and at the time both EHD's were recognized. I figured all was well.


Of course, since I am here, all was well was not meant to be!


Yesterday, the new empty drive was recognized, but the first EHD went missing. I have done all the tricks we know so well (power up. switch ports unplug, etc.), or at least enough of them to consider it a good faith effort.


Now, I finally have managed to get the original EHD recognized (with the new EHD removed from the picture), and I will experiment no longer.


I am happy to be back to what was working before trying to add the second EHD, and will not risk playing around any further -- at least not until DISH genuinely solves the problem.


I don't expect they will solve it -- it's obviously hard to fix!


And Dish won't invest the resources to dig deeply into fixing the problem becuase not enough users are genuinely bothered by it. Less than 1%, I'm sure -- it's easier for Dish to just ask current subscribers to bug their friends to sign up -- those new users will generate revenue to replace the Power Users who drop off.


Of course, I'm willing to be surprised by good news, but I don't expect it. Dish Reps, consider the above to be my report on my version of the problem. I do not wish to be added to the list, I don't want to DM anyone, or be DM'd in return.


Dish has plenty of information about the problem already. If they wanted to fix it, they would have fixed it by now.


Again, thank you to the users who particpated in this thread -- it certainly makes me feel better to know I am not an isolated case.


Best regards to all.

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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Your post got me thinking about my EHD's disappearing on a regular basis (see some of my previous posts)...both EHD'S are WD 2TB My Book USB 3.0 drives (Dish recommended). I'm thinking way back to when I added a second EHD and I'm now realizing that before I added a second EHD there wasn't an issue with the single EHD ever disappearing.

About three weeks ago ago Dish sent me a new Hopper3 w/sling to hopefully aleviate the disappearing EHD issues that had become worse over time. Since I have installed that new Hopper3 there has only been one time that the drives disappeared (2 weeks ago) and by powering them off and back on they connected right away although the whole process was a little different than before. I have been communicating with Dish via PM's and here's what I worte to them describing what was different this time...

"Last week I received the replacement Hopper and want to give you a report of what has taken place since then regarding the disappearing EHD's issue since there are some different things happening which may help your engineering team in tracking down and fixing this issue.  


Once I got everything transferred (recordings & settings from the old Hopper to the new Hopper) and the two EHD's plugged in, the replacement Hopper seemed like everything was going fine (both EHD's still showing up every day) until yesterday morning when I woke up to both EHD's missing from the menu but here's where it gets interesting so let me back up a little...


With the old Hopper, when the EHD's disappeared, I could originally get them to reconnect by killing the power to them (one or both depending on what disappeared) so I actually put them on a seperate power strip to make that easier. This worked for a long time but eventually they would not reconnect and I was forced to power down the Hopper and the drives to get them to reconnect but even then it was hit or miss (sometimes one or the other, sometimes neither) and it may have taken a couple of complete system power downs to get both drives to show up again. You'll see as you read on, it's important to note that when I removed the power to only the drives that the old Hopper never displayed any message that a USB device had been disconnected which is what I would expect since they had disappeared from the menu so I would assume that the Hopper could not see any USB device and therefore not display the message.


Here's where it gets strange...yesterday when the EHD's disappeared from the menu on the new replacement Hopper and when I killed the power to the EHD's, even though they were not showing up on the menu and theoretically not being seen by the Hopper, I received two messages that each USB device had been disconnected as if the Hopper had actually been seeing them. Again...on the old Hopper, when the EHD's disappeared, I never got the message since the Hopper didn't know they were there. After powering the EHD's back up they connected to the new Hopper quickly and without issue...something that the old Hopper had long quit doing.


I can't explain why, after killing the power to the two EHD's that were no longer showing on the menu, the new Hopper seemed to know there had been two USB devices disconnected and thus displayed the USB device has been disconnected messages as if they were actually connected"

I don't think you should worry too much about swapping out your Hopper and losing your EHD recordings but also, if you're the only one who accesses the EHD's, you could always try adding a USB switch so only one EHD at a time would be connected...just a thought Smiley Happy

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

New Hopper 3 installed yesterday.
Ethernet cable transfer of recordings on old hopper does not work AT ALL!!! Why even have a feature that doesn't work???
So, bought a new EHD, transferred recordings to it, and my new Hopper 3 doesn't even recognize it!!

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

Please notify by email when replying to above post.

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

Audio Engineer


Maybe you'd be better off to just ask for help instead of immediately attacking the system or the process.

That said, I recently transferred everything from my old Hopper3 to my new Hopper3 and it went flawlessly and without issue. I also connected two EHD's, also without issue. It's a time consuming process to transfer via Ethernet cable and with my old Hopper being 65% full, it took almost two days for the transfer to complete.

I'm assuming that you followed these instructions...https://www.mydish.com/support/products/hopper/how-to/manage/transfer-between-hoppers

Perhaps if you calm down a bit then a Dish Representative might be more inclined to reach out and help you Smiley Indifferent

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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Hi KachinaShadow. Would you mind sharing precisely what EHD(s) you were able to connect to your Hopper 3? We recently moved and went from 2 Hoppers/2 Joeys to a Hopper 3 and 3 Joeys. Was able to plug my old "WD 1TB My Book AV DVR Expander EHD" and copy recordings from one of our old Hoppers, but when I plugged in my new "WD My Book 3TB External HDD - WDBBGB0030HBK - USB 3.0" the Hopper 3 does not recognize it. And yes, I realize I'm supposedly limited to 2TB but read in the forum that someone successfully connected a 3TB to a Hopper 3 and since I could not find a 2TB version out there, thought I'd take a chance. 


But after reading all the issues that have been going on for quite some time now, I wonder if it's my 3TB EHD or a Dish issue.  So thought I would try to see if it can be fixed from my end by getting a proven EHD so am asking if you would tell me what exact EHD(s) you are successfully connecting to your Hopper 3.


Thank you for your help!

Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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I'm using two of the WD 2TB My Book drives (a year ago I purchased a certified recondidtioned one, still available from Amazon) which had been recommended by Dish although in a PM I received from a Dish Tech and he said... 

"This is the exact model external hard drive I use on one of my testing Hoppers if you are curious:

Here's another PM I received from the same Tech about him using that non-externally powered drive...

"Previously we did require an externally powered EHD, but not anymore.  The limit is still 2tb, to be honest, this is a software restriction.  You can use a 5tb drive for example if you want, but when it gets reformatted for Dish, it will be reformatted to 2tb.  So there is just no reason to use larger than 2tb. 


As far as recomendations, honestly any modern EHD should work.  As long as it is a single platter drive and USB 2.0 compliant, which almost all modern EHD's meet both those requirements."

Hope this helps



Re: Hopper Will Not Recognize External Hard Drive

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Thanks, Paul.  I appreciate you taking the time to educate me.  I'm not very technical, as you can probably tell! But if it's like you said, any modern EHD should work, then I don't understand why my 3TB WD My Book isn't recognized. It would be fine with me if I could only use 2TB of the capacity.  Yes, I've seen the refurbished 1TB and 2TB versions on Amazon, but those cost quite a bit more than the new 3TB version which is why I bought the 3TB. However, if it doesn't work, it was a waste of money anyway. I'll see if I can get anywhere with a Dish tech before I completely scrap my 3TB for Dish use. 


It's interesting that the Tech you PM'd with said the EHD no longer needs to be externally powered, since that is mentioned anywhere EHDs are discussed on Dish.  What else aren't they telling us? :-)


Thanks again,