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Hopper / Joey request

Character Actor
I am new to the Hopper 3. (2) of us use the Hopper. I set up His & Hers folders. At the time of recording, there is no way to specify which folder to put the recording. Then you have to navigate through a number of menus to edit the recording and set the folder.
1) it would be nice to have a drop down menu to set the folder at the recording time.
2) Have an option to set a default folder for each device (Hopper or Joeys).

Prior to this, we had (2) 622 receivers and that made my wife happy.
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Re: Hopper / Joey request

Welcome to your new DVR. As you learn how to use the Hopper, you'll see both of these options already exist.

Setting the folder at the time you set the recording is easy, it will even tell you when you do it to hit select for more options.

Default recording option also exists. I'm not in front of a TV right now so can't conveniently go through the menu to walk you through it at the moment, but it's pretty intuitive. I would imagine it's in the menu under settings.

Re: Hopper / Joey request

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I am getting errors replying to this:

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
Your support ID is: 7076013621768788672

First item - OK.

Second Item, there is no default.