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Hopper/Joe Use of Data

We are forced to use a wireless hotspot for any type of internet in our home. This has served us well. Of course, I understand that watching on demand or using Netflix will consumer 1 to 1.5 GB per hour of data. What I am trying to determine is does Dish or the Hopper/Joey system use data in the background or for other purposes beyond on demand ? We have used 30GB of data in four days of a new measurement period. We have watched only 2 hours of on demand and no other devices connect to this network...thus the assumption and question about Dish using data in the background. Thanks.
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Re: Hopper/Joe Use of Data

I believe the DISH system only uses data for OD and Netflix and other applications like Pandora and youtube. All other DISH services come down via SAT...

You night check with DISH support for more information on this...

I would run a test and check with your ISP to see if there is a daily usage tracking available, if so, take a reading then disconnect the DISH system from the ISP services for a day or so then come back and look at the usage to see any differences.

Make sure your household internet devices are not using up data as well. Browsers left open at web sites and trickle data along with smart devices as well.