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Hopper Duo

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So I just noticed Dish has new solo boxes I do not care for whole house dvr junk to rule all the tv locations.


I hear Hopper duo is not 4k cappable which is sad to me, it has only 2 tuners at that,  and I was at spextrum the other day getting qoutes, and the  solo dvr boxes that do recordings at once for 7$ per box,


Question are can the Hopper duo work with system that has h3 and 4k joeys on it? and how much is each hopper duo?


Cause I seriously prefer solo boxes and I highly doubt I would be able to get dish to agree to 3 hoppers with sling just to have to be used as solo boxes for 3 locations, let alone 4 of them




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Re: Hopper Duo

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I believe currently it is one Hopper Duo per account and cannot be used with other Duos or Hoppers.

You can have 3 HWS, as long as atleast one of them was purchased. You may have to purchase two, not 100% on that.

Re: Hopper Duo

DISH Employee

Hi tsunami2311. I can definitely go over the options with you to see what we can provide you with. Installations with more than two Hoppers are pretty rare so we'll just need to build a proposed work order and see what's needed. Could you please send me a Private Message including the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account so I may better assist you?