Hopper 3 still not recording properly

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Re: Hopper 3 still not recording properly

Camera Crew

jakeandbrie - this happens to the individual recording/timers. I have even gone in and edited the timer to start recording 1 hour early to try to minipulate the recording. But that never has changed the recording. I still get the last 5 minutes of the programs and sometimes the next 1 or 2 shows after my scheduled timed show most of the time. Very frustrating to have to go into ABC app on my phone to watch the shows, if available. Sometimes they are not available and I end up missing shows because of the issue.

Re: Hopper 3 still not recording properly

My Hopper 3 almost always messes up Fox (Washington DC)  timers. It will behave the way others on this thread have noted--It will record the last  few minutes of a primetime show and the sometimes the next show. I have waited for years for this to be resolved and it is incredibly frustrating to think you have a show saved, only to find out you do not. 

Re: Hopper 3 still not recording properly

Character Actor

We have had the same problems on ABC.  We went to watch The Good Doctor, and only partials were recorded, sometimes less than half the show. We just happen tonight on AGT, again on ABC.  PTAT shows the recording, but less than half is recorded, the last half.  Quite frustrating.

@DianeCox wrote:
It never shows skipped. Only records partial and the whole episode after. I have cancelled and reprorammed the shows. At this time it only does this to Grey’s Anatomy and the Good Doctor.