Hopper 3 remote (52.0) losing connection

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Hopper 3 remote (52.0) losing connection

The remote for one of my joey's has stopped working to control the satellite. It still works to control the tv and aux settings i had for it, just nothing when on sat mode.
i changed the batteries and when that didnt fix things I called into dish.

-They had me push the system info button on the joey and then press the satellite button on the remote. i was able to get it re-synced.
-The next day it happened again. I did the system info option but it took quite a while for it to get re-synced. Eventually it did start working again though.
-It has stopped working again and i cant get the system info trick to work.

Anybody else dealt with this?
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Re: Hopper 3 remote (52.0) losing connection

DISH Employee
There are some things I want you to check and try for me. When pressing the Joey System Info button, what is the Software Version you're getting?

While on the System Info screen, please try to Unpiar and then PAir the 52.0 remote. If it will not work, reset the Hopper and then try to pair it agin.

If you continue to have this issue, please PM me with the phone number, 4-digit PIN and Shipping Address.