Hopper 3 not available in my area

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Hopper 3 not available in my area

I have attempted multiple times to upgrade to the Hopper 3. Every time I call Dish, I am told that the Hopper 3 is not available in my area and there is not timeline as to when it will be available. I read multiple forums that have said that it has to do with the satellites that my system accesses but I can not figure out if this is actually a problem for my area. I live in Baltimore MD.

It seem like that this problem could have been fixed in the past year that the Hopper 3 has been available. I have been a dish costumer for over 15 years. Is there any options to get this problem fixed?
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Re: Hopper 3 not available in my area

Camera Crew
Send a private message with your phone number and four digit security code so we can look into this for you.