Hopper 3 losing audio after switching sources - needs reset

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Hopper 3 losing audio after switching sources - needs reset


We just got the Hopper 3 about a year ago, after our old Hopper died. It was a big mess, having to transfer recorded shows to the new one ( some of them wouldn't, and we lost them ) and having to re-program tons of timers.


So it's been a year, and this week, the Hopper 3 died on us. It was out for 2 nights and we couldn't get it running, despite trying what the phone support person said to do. It kept trying to reboot up, in a loop, and not making it. It would get the big Hopper 3 graphic screen, saying it was starting, then a small note in the lower right, saying that, and 9999, and kept going back and forth between them, ALL DAY.


So they wanted to just ship us a new one, but we said, with THAT kind of hassle, we want a tech to come out. We had to argue with the offshore woman, and finally she said they'd send someone the next day.


So the tech comes out and the Hopper starts right up for him! I don't know what he did. He also identified some problems that we were having, when switching back and forth from the blu-ray player to the Hopper, and turned off the Anynet in the TV. ( Hopper is HDMI1 and blu ray is HDMI2. )


So he left and we were happy, but THEN we started having problems with the sound going out on the Hopper, and the Hopper having to be reset every time it did. This particularly happened when we switched from the blu-ray to the Hopper, using the source menus.


What the heck is going on?


We don't want to lose the Hopper and some shows, and don't want to start all over again, but this is VERY frustrating!



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Re: Hopper 3 losing audio after switching sources - needs reset

Screen Writer
What are your audio settings currently set for, and is there a sound bar or sound system at all? Or does it go straight to and from the TV?