Hopper 3 install?

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Hopper 3 install?

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Basement remodel in process and Hopper 3 is in the plans, house is already wired with RG6 and Dish is currently going through DUO Hybrid and HD satellite. Before drywall starts going up, need to know if Hopper 3 is going to require any changes to my current Coax and splitters that Dish installed. Is it worth having Hopper 3 installed now even though basement is not complete and 4k TV is not installed?

Thx on advance
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Re: Hopper 3 install?

Be sure that your running the new version of RG6. There is a newer certified version of RG6 which DISH is using for the new H3 system.

While your at it, you could install some CAT6A in wall LAN networking cabling for additional flexibility with H3 and Joeys. I did a new addition to my house. Installed CAT6A along with RG6 before dry walls went up. Entire place is wired very well. I use CAT6 LAN cabling and networking connections between my H3 and Joeys. Works well:

CAT6 supports 10Gb connection rates so it will support full 4K video however I don't use 4K. Future proof for now.

If you got with H3, a tech will come out and check for RG6 cabling. You could contact Moderators here or try Satelliteguys forums on the RG6 specs needed.
I don't remember off the top of my head the specs on what you need to put in. Something about 3Ghz specs. The tech said ours was good to go. So if you find out what the specs are, get that installed first, then tell the tech that you installed what DISH expects. He'll check then move on to do the rest of the install.