Hopper 3 has more tuners but supports fewer TVs than Hopper?

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Hopper 3 has more tuners but supports fewer TVs than Hopper?

I am a long time DISH Customer that currently has 2 Hopper w/slings and 6 Joeys, for a total of 8 rooms with TVs. Recently DISH pushed out an upgrade to the User Interface. This is the same/similar interface used by the Hopper3. Unfortunately, this interface does not run well on the Hopper/Joey. It has several second lag, menus paint real slow and there are bugs in the Joey/Netflix interface (Netflix ID not remembered and only SD being broadcast). I worked with DISH tech support, basically rebooting equipment, but there was no progress. I asked if there was any way to fallback to the prior user interface that was not slow and worked well with Netflix, but was told this was not possible.

I called today to ask about upgrading to Hopper3 and was shocked to find out that Hopper 3 can only support up to 6 TVs, with a Hopper3 and 5 Joeys. DISH published literature states Hopper3 supports up to 7 TVs, as 6 Joeys can be attached, but customer support indicated the config tool they use only allows for 5 Joeys. In either case, I was told that there is no way to support 8 TVs with a Hopper3. For now, Hopper3 is not an option and the performance and bugs now on the updated interface on the Hopper is not acceptable.

Assuming the limit with the Hopper3 is 6/7 TVs today, are there any plans to support the same number of TVs the prior generation of equipment supported? I know the Hopper3 has lots of enhancements that I would appreciate, but it seems very strange that DISH would take away capability/functionality when moving to a new generation of hardware and software.
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Re: Hopper 3 has more tuners but supports fewer TVs than Hop

DISH Employee
If you want to get a 6+ room install for the Hopper 3 we can get that done for you. It will require a call into a specific office to get it set up. If you want to PM me with the phone number on the account I can help get this started for you.