Hopper 3 and Arris modem

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Hopper 3 and Arris modem

I recently upgrade my modem to an Arris SBG6700-AC. After doing so my apps like Game Finder, U Tube, Video On Demand etc. quit working on my Hopper 3 and Joeys. I found that if I unbridged the Joeys. the Hopper would function properly. I had a technician come out but he did not have a clue. The next time I called Dish I talked to a very knowledgeable lady. She told me that there are some modems and combos that are not compatible with Dish. She sent out a tech today to install a separate router adjacent to my modem for no charge. Now the entire MoCa network works great. I guess I should mention that my home network is all wireless including my Dish internet connection. Hope this might help someone sometime.

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Re: Hopper 3 and Arris modem

Does anyone have information about "another router" installed by a service person that resolved the issue? Thanks.