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Hopper 3/Schedule

Character Actor
When will DVR/schedule view be fixed? What we have is unsat.

1. When I look at schedule I have no way of knowing if the program is record or auto tune.
When a program is selected in schedule it says “to be recorded by living room� regardless if it’s set to record or auto tune. On my 922 this was clearly delineated in schedule.

2. When a program is scheduled, one minute before scheduled time a huge box appears in the middle of the screen of the current program I’m watching that requires me to allow or cancel timer. On 922 this would appear in upper left with a two minute countdown timer, allowing me to cancel if I want. It did not interfere with current program.

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Re: Hopper 3/Schedule

Audio Engineer
1. Don't know what you mean

2. You shouldn't get a pop up when a recording is about to be started as there are 16 tuners and usually no conflicts.

Re: Hopper 3/Schedule

Casting Director
On a Hopper3, you should only get that box on an autotune timer, as that is exactly what you asked it to do.

Re: Hopper 3/Schedule

Audio Engineer
From day 1 of release the H3 list autotunes and recording in schedule, it even use the same red icon.

This have been reported multiple times by people and dish still has yet to fix it,

The old ui said autotune for autotune and record for record, it even had blue icon for autotune and red icon for record. shown in Guide and schedule

I dont see dish fix this, seen it been like this SINCE h3 launched,, many other bug they still have been fixed, namely manual timers are very buggy, specify a day for weekly timer chances are it will save to completely different day then the day you picked. or altest it does when trying to set weekly autotune timer