Hopper 3 Reboots During Commercials On Comedy Central

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Hopper 3 Reboots During Commercials On Comedy Central

Whenever I watch a show on Comedy Central, my Hopper 3 automatically reboots during commercials. The Hopper 3 also automatically reboots during commercials when I playback something I've recorded from Comedy Central too! This happens like clockwork.

As long as the Hopper 3 is turned off, I can record shows on Comedy Central with no interruptions. I also don't have any problems watching shows on Comedy Central or it's recordings on a Joey!

This has been going on for quite sometime now and what it comes down too is that I can no longer watch Comedy Central on my Hopper 3 because it will reboot, interrupt services on my Joeys and any recordings that might be going on at that time.

I've noticed this issue on the last two versions of the Hopper 3.The latest software version I have is U343.

One last thing. Could this possibly be related to cue tones? I know sometimes local ads might be inserted where the national ones play. Just a thought.

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Re: Hopper 3 Reboots During Commercials On Comedy Central

DISH Employee
There is an issue reported about this and the current work around is to “change hdmi input and/or hdmi cable and update tv firmware� and please let me know if this does not work for you.