Hopper 3 54.0 Remote Volume Control Not Working

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Hopper 3 54.0 Remote Volume Control Not Working

Audio Engineer
I had a strange one with my Hopper 3 54.0 remote last night. I thought I'd post the problem and solution if anyone else encounters this so it may help them. I could not find an existing thread on this.

I came home late and my wife said she could not lower the volume on the TV. She likes it rather loud by my standards and I like to turn it down so I will not disturb her if I want to stay up late and watch TV. She said she tried everything to get it to work. All of the other functions on the remote worked, just not the volume control.

I tried it and she was right. I toggled each of the SAT, TV, etc., 4 buttons on the side of the remote and no help. I rebooted the Hopper. I tried relearning the remote to the TV. I went into the Hopper setup and confirmed that it was set to control the TV volume. I did a Google search and could not find any solution online. This was at 2:00am and I was getting ready to see if Dish tech support would be available at that hour.

I finally got the remote that came with the TV and tried the volume buttons. It worked. I then tried the Hopper remote and it magically started working again. Just thought I'd pass this along. Surely I'm not the only one this has ever happened to.
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Re: Hopper 3 54.0 Remote Volume Control Not Working

I just had the exact problem with same remote. Thankful after all searching i came across this post. It worked like you said....magic