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Hooper3 issues

I have lots of issues with the new software. Like game finder popup!!! Go away!! Series recording is very, very hit and miss. Sometimes programs I select to record just don't get recorded/

But the following problem is enough to make me quit Dish after three years:

For two years I had Hooper 2. I could start recording two football games that began at the same time. I could watch the first quarter of game one as the games were being recorded. Then pause game one and begin watching game 2. I could then pause game 2 and go back and watch more of game one. Pause game one again, then watch more of game 2, back and forth. All the while the DVR would be recording the games.

Since I got Hooper 3 last summer this feature has not worked.There is no way to resume a partially watched program while it is being recorded of you view anything else. You have to “Start Over� or “Watch Live�. i was assured last fall this was an oversight and would be fixed in a few weeks.

Well, here we are in football season and the Hooper 3 is not doing what Hooper 2 did and I was told would be fixed. If this is not fixed in a couple of weeks I am out of here. I will go to DirectTV or Comcast.
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Re: Hooper3 issues

Casting Director
To swap between 2 channels, press the input button.

A response on facebook about turning off the tv enhancements:

Hello Jack, you can turn off TV Enhancements on a Hopper with a new user interface by pressing Home twice or Menu once > Settings > Notifications > TV Enhancements > Off. That should stop that pop up from coming up. -Israel H

I haven't ran into any issues with recording, and that is with kids and fiancee also recording a bunch of crop as well.